Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Crazy Neighbor

So, I found out yesterday that my neighbor called the cops while my mom was gone. From what I heard, he saw flashing lights in the garage and thought the car was running. Or that someone had broken in. Flashing lights? Car running? The cops came I guess, but they never rang the doorbell. I had no idea they were here.

Or maybe they didn't come, because they know my neighbor is crazy. It turns out that he called the cops on my other neighbor, because someone he didn't recognize was mowing her lawn. It turned out to be her niece.

Living in a small town everyone knows everyone and it's nice to know that there will always be people looking out for you. But, sometimes it sucks to have everyone know your business especially when you're a teenager and your doing something you are not supposed to be doing or if you're somewhere you're not supposed to be. Once you see an adult you know your mother will know about it before you arrive home.


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